Winter mountaineering

11 Décembre 2009 , Rédigé par Revalpin Publié dans #Mountain Guide Services

From December to May, the Mercantour massif turns into a high mountain groud, crevices and glaciers danger missing. All over the massif, the snow pack and the ice glisten and bring out original climbing routes towards the summits.


neige-glaceautres-06RigouloteN5566.jpg  dsc02138.jpg DSC00894

There are many possiblilities in mountaineering:
Snow routes : The slopes and couloirs of snow will enable you to put finishing touches to your stapling technique to reach sublime summits.
Ice routes : The gully of the Mercantour and the Argentera massifs are a good ways to directly reach the summits.
Mixed routes : During the winter, the Mercantour is a combination of snow and rock which creates an favourable ground for various treks!
Ridge routes : A journey on a tapered ridge is a trip full of thrills where we have the feeling of walking in the sky.

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