Trad climbing

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South-east France is the area with the biggest number of nature cliff in the country. In  these reserves, climbing routes are kept rather wild.

Trad (traditional) climbing will enable you to go back to the roots of climbing which made is a popular sport: route selection, anticipation, commitment, freedom...

High-tech mountain gear and modern climbing technics made trad climbing possible and easier. Cliffs around Nice represent many opportunities on all kind of rock: granite, limestone, sandstone...



For deper details: read an article on trad climbing.


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Multi pitch trad climbing : There are lots of nice climbing routes in the Alpes Maritimes, in the Verdon and in the Calanques.


Annot's sandstone : New spot, perfect to climb gorgeous routes made of sheer cracks.


Trad climbing lessons : You will learn all what there is to know about the use of climbing gear, from nuts to slings. This course will also help you to grasp the specific technics related to this practice.

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