Ski touring

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This is the most suitable mean to travel through the mountain during the winter. Nowadays, people are used to ride ski-lifts in ski resorts. Ski touring is a softer and a more eco-friendly way of discovering the nature which is weakened by the winter. Your skis and your seal skins will be your only tools to get to the top of the mountain.

On the way up the hills, you will enjoy the scenery and the delicate ecosystems which are, each winter, turned into our playground.

On the way down the hills, you will discover the pleasure of skiing on untouched snow; far from the groomed slopes of ski resorts. You will leave your unique skimarks behind you on the mantle of snow, powdery or transformed by the southern sunshine.


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All the alternatives are possible :

- Initiation: for advanced skiers on slopes only. Experience in off-pistes skiing recommended.
- One-day ski touring: a trek adapted to the level of te group and to the weather conditions.
- Several days ski-touring: return to base camp everynight. The base camp can be in a hostel, in a B&B or from home in the valley.
- Multi days ski tour: everynight is spent in a different place (usually in refuge). Total immersion in the winter atmosphere guaranted. Perfect to have a break in your life.

5 skiers maximum per group for ski touring.
I can lend you individual safety gear : avanlanche transceivers, probes, shovels...

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