Powdery Limone

9 Février 2010 , Rédigé par Revalpin Publié dans #Ski

Is it possible to resist this ski resort accessible by train from Nice...? NO! This train which takes us directly in the resort  is a godsend. This is why we went back to Limone last week end to enjoy carbon-free skiing.
The plan initially was a ski tour on 2 days, but we had to cancel because the avalanche risk was obiously higher than forecasted. Nevermind, we'll stay around the resort tomorrow. After all, we didn't have anything to complain about: heaps of fresh and powdery snow, even on the edges of the groomed slopes. Many valleys were still untouched on sunday!
Result: the altimeter shows about 7000m (22965Ft) of skiing down the hills without riding the same hill twice! And this was to be catch up day only...!
Now pictures:
DSCN2988  Departure with skis right out of Limone's train station for our ski tour.

Enganted atmosphere in this Italian village which lies under the snow at 1000m (3281Ft) of altitude only.

 A typical winter day in Limone.

Leaving our unique skimarks all day long!!

 Wild open spaces of the Fachia right in front of us.

They are for the next time, once the snow pack will be more secure.


 Whooops! I didn't see there was a sheepfold down there!

I flyyyy!!!
Sans titre 2

Sans titre 1  The well-known off-piste spot of the Perla valley. At the top of the lifts, put your seal skins for 5 minutes and enjoy the greatest and longest downhill you've ever ridden!
 DSCN3026  The last, but not the least: with a view of Mount Viso and the whole valley from Torino to Cunéo.

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