Ice climbing

11 Décembre 2009 , Rédigé par Revalpin Publié dans #Mountain Guide Services

When waterfalls turn into ice, it means the winter settled  for good in the Mercantour! Thrill seekers, ice climbing is made for you!
When the ice looks like crystal, when it adorns bluish shimmers, when sunbeams make it sparkle, the climbing of an ice fall turns into an enchanted trip!
When the water freezes and turns into ice, it always creates a new shape: stalactites, ice walls, ice coliflowers, mushrooms, columns, free standing.
The terrific improvement of ice-climber's gear over the last years made ice cliff climbing a more common and approachable practice. You can even test the "dry tooling" in oder to mix steep roc and ice.
dsc01212.jpg  P1010528m  DSCN7730

Initiation : 4 people maximum
Hiring of the guide for a day-climb: 2 people maximum for an ice fall, depending on the level of the participants and the weather/ice conditions.
I can lend you technical gear: crampons, ice-axes
This activity is possible from January to early March near Nice.
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