Cliff Climbing

12 Décembre 2009 , Rédigé par Revalpin Publié dans #Mountain Guide Services

Exhilarating flying feeling, a wish to go beyond yourself, the will to climb an unreachable summit: they're all good reasons to practice CLIMBING which will develop your physical and mental strength.

The county of the Alpes Maritimes is the archetypal CLIMBING SPOT : it has got everything, from climbing schools to multipitch routes.

Every year, many new climbing sites are created. The country has the biggest number of routes in France.

The coastline of the Riviera also has an abundance of cliffs rising from the sea, offering a stunning view on the Mediterannean, from the Calanques to Final Ligure in Italy.


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Multi pitch route : A travel all over a cliff, looking for a way to get to the top. A big day of climbing in sight!


Climbing trip : In France or abroad, climbing and cliffs are a good excuse for discovering an area in a new light. Your guide will take you to the destination which matches the most with your expectations.


Climbing lessons : One or several days can be devoted to acquire technical climbing skills. A good knowledge of the basic safety rules, knots, abselling, belays and an appropriate use of your climbing gear will lead you towards independent climbing.

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